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FloVibe Festival 2018

FloVibe Festival 2018

We are super excited to be hosting the glamping, for the 2nd year running, at this year’s FloVibe Festival, from August 10th- 12th at the beautiful location of Stansted Park in Hampshire.

flovibe 7.png

FloVibe, one of the first fitness and music festivals, opens up a whole new way to enjoy the festival vibe with a vast array of activities enabling you to activate your body and relax your mind.  Pick from yoga, dance, hula hooping, meditation and mindfulness, talks and workshops, as well as an outdoor spa!

Where retreat meets festival, it really is a unique and wonderful experience to be had in a gorgeous setting with like-minded people all around.

Not only do you have the festival to look forward to, but also, should you choose, Hotel Bell Tent.  Hassle free boutique camping allowing you to just drop off your bags and head straight out into the action. What an amazing way to spend a weekend in August in the beautiful UK sunshine. 

Enter our competition to win a 2 free FloVibe festival tickets, a Luxury Bell Tent for 2 AND a REN skincare hamper containing chemical free goodies allowing you to be kinder to your skin and the environment. 

With only 2 days left before the winner is announced please head to our Facebook page, and like, share and comment with the friend whom you would love to share this experience with 

Good luck – we hope to see you there!

What's new for El Dorado, 2018- an interview with the founders.

What's new for El Dorado, 2018- an interview with the founders.

El Dorado is a magical little festival located at Eastnor Castle Deer park in Herefordshire.  Now in its third year, we are looking forward to seeing how it’s evolved, creating a fabulous camp, and sitting back to enjoy the wonder & sparkle! 

To get more of an insight prior to the event we interviewed the founders Jack Burbage and Luke Wolfman, who have given us a glimpse at all things EL Dorado and what we can expect for 2018.

What’s new in store for El Dorado in 2018?

We have been working all year around to improve the site and bring our family something special for 2018. This year we've added 3 immersive stages including a woodland arena, more delicious food, exciting performers and a better drinks selection.  And, of course there will be few little surprises along the way!

El Dorado is in its third year now - how has it progressed over the years?

Naturally as word gets out the festivals popularity is growing, and we are finding that people are travelling from much further afield this year including places such as France and Australia.  For 2018 with the addition of Sister Sledge and the inclusion of local musicians, breweries, colleges and more we are hoping to attract more locals and produce a festival they can be proud of.

Where do you see it going in the future?

We would like to grow El Dorado slowly to maintain its boutique feel and make sure we don't lose our magic.  We have a lot of great ideas that we can’t wait to execute over the coming years!

You’ve stayed in Hotel Bell Tent before - how did you find your stay previously?

Hotel bell tent never fail to impress!  They have been our boutique provider for the last two years and always go above and beyond to make sure we have the best accommodation for our guests and team. 


Exciting stuff!  Here’s to an exciting El Dorado 2018 Festival.  Long may it last

We are going greener!

Life water bottle eco environment friendly

This summer and beyond, Hotel Bell Tent is making a pact to go greener.

Hotel Bell Tent understands the environmental impact of the throwaway culture which can be associated with festivals nowadays and wants to be a part of the solution, so we've teamed up with Life Water ( in order to provide all bottled water this year in Eco Bottles,  which are BPA free and 100% recyclable.  They are also lighter in weight, with 20% lesser packaging, therefore lessening the overall carbon footprint. 

The team at Life Water are dedicated to helping communities across the world have access to clean water.  For every bottle that is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds goes to their partner charity drop4drop, which has projects in South Sudan, India, the Philippines and East Africa. As it says on the Life-water website, “Water hydrates you, and communities in need”.

Not only are we switching over to BPA free bottles, but at all events where we have food and drinks available at our camps, we will be providing all compostable take away gear, including cutlery.  Just another way that we are trying to make an impact.

If you are staying at Hotel Bell Tent this summer, please join our crusade by making sure that you dispose of all recyclable plastic at the designated recycling points either within Hotel Bell Tent or the festival site.  

Keep an eye out for future blog posts about how you can go greener at festivals in summer 2018!

A remembrance of Glastonbury 2016

Before arriving at Glastonbury, I imagined an expansive bumbling chaos. It was a festival I was determined to experience once, but was unsure of how I would feel when leaving. When I got there, my presumptions were valid, however, they were overruled by the wondrous setting and amalgamation of people all there for different reasons.

I am used to festivals where they target a specific audience- all after a relatively similar experience and who all share a love of a similar genre of music.  At Glastonbury, you stroll (or slip) for hours, encountering different people after different things, yet harmoniously enjoying it all together.  For this reason, it is so unique- I can understand why people wake up at 9 am on a dreary Sunday in October to refresh the same webpage until their tickets are secured.

Despite the mud and almost constant drizzle, everyone is in great spirits.  You wander aimlessly for hours to explore areas you have not seen, somehow stumbling upon a random bar with frozen margarita’s, playing 80’s pop tunes. A couple of women dressed as bee’s bump their bottoms to the beat, and you spot a mum and dad with their 17-year-old who is seemingly loving the music more than they are. You walk a short distance reaching a path full of eclectic niche shops, whose vendors are happy to chat to random wanderers about their craft and their passion.

For me, the most amazing moment was watching Earth, Wind and Fire at the West Holts stage on Sunday night.  This was a life dream of mine - although I was born 2 decades after their first album was released, they are a favourite of my happy, enthusiastic being.  When the band began to play, and their falsetto rang across the field, a father with his one-year-old baby were dancing joyously in front of me. This tiny soul, unaware of who this notorious funk iconic band even are, let alone understanding the concept of music, was bouncing up and down in his father’s lap with the largest grin I have ever seen.  Next to me was a woman in her 50’s - she stepped up on to the bench next to me as I had taken my wellies off to stand barefoot and free, and we held on to each other to steady ourselves, and also share that moment together.

Glastonbury - although the size is somewhat daunting, it is also the very thing that makes it an absolutely incredible experience.  Whatever your age, whatever your preferred genre of music or past time, Glastonbury truly has something for everyone.  If you enjoy people, food and music, go at least once in your lifetime.  I promise you won't regret it.


(Image used with permission from Glastonbury festival, photographed and coprighted by Andrew Allcock)


Since its inception in 2005, the story of Standon Calling festival has been somewhat of an adventure.

Founder Alex Trenchard described the event’s history for the Hotel Bell Tent blog, explaining how it grew out of a simple birthday barbeque, saying: “[In our second year] we built our own stage out of wood and invited the very first bands. That first stage blew over while the headline act was playing. Thankfully we've learnt a lot since those days, which is why in 2016 we've been able to book the likes of Suede, Jess Glynne, Kelis, The Hives and Everything Everything.”


The festival is now practically legendary for its party status and its setting in the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside. Nestled in the Rib Valley, its location is genuinely breath taking and partygoers can bask in beautiful greenery without having to drop off the end of the earth – revellers travelling from London and Cambridgeshire can actually be there in less than an hour!

Standon Calling holds a unique position in the festival calendar as it expertly balances the needs of those looking for a laidback but lively party, as well as families in search of something fresh and exciting. This year, some of the amazing children’s activities on offer include campfire story telling, trapeze lessons, costume parades and readings from famous children’s authors Alice Hemming and Tamsyn Murray, while a beguiling line up of electronic acts including Detroit House master Theo Parrish and world-famous Metalheadz head-honcho Goldie will appeal to the grownups. “It really is a festival for everyone,” says Alex. “We want families to have an amazing time in the day, and by night we can't wait to see everyone partying until 5am in The Cowshed nightclub. Our annual dog show on Sunday is pretty unique and eccentric too. Not to be missed!”

Face Painting and Candy Floss as Standon Calling Festival

Music is always the centre of the show, with the festival organisers passionate about booking cutting edge acts and giving emerging talent a platform to shine. Some of the UK’s most successful stars including Florence and the Machine, Bastille and London Grammar made their debut there. Describing his musical highlight of last year, Alex says: “Basement Jaxx closing the main stage on Sunday was so exciting. So colourful and so memorable. A fabulous performance from them and a Standon Calling audience so ready to party – as always! This year I'm really excited about The Hives, Suede and Blossoms.”

Standon Calling is truly a feast for the eyes. With the festival built around a different story each year, the set design and theatrical element makes for an other-worldly space. “For 2016, we're telling the tale of the Legend of the Lost Seas. Expect truly impressive set design, immersive theatre elements, as well as an entirely unique Saturday night spectacle. Prepare to immerse yourself in the post apocalyptic pirate town that we will build. And don't forget to plan your costume for Saturday.”

For those of you hoping for some insider knowledge, when asked what tips Alex can give to make sure our guests get the very best out of their event, he told us: “Be curious. Try and seek out all the experiences Standon Calling Festival has to offer and talk to people. I like to think that Standon Calling is the friendliest festival there is.”