The Luxurious Airstream Facilities.

The Luxurious Airstream Facilities.

As there is only a week to go before Carfest South, we have decided to take a moment to showcase the amazing and retro Airstream trailers. These beautiful, silver bullet trailers allow customers total autonomy over their stay - with toilets and showers included within the van, it’s luxuriously comfortable and a total showstopper of a way to spend your time at Hotel Bell Tent. The Airstream trailers are available at both Carfest events, and Silverstone Woodlands F1.

The company, Airstream Facilities, has the biggest fleet of Airstreams outside of the U.S. We sat down and asked them a couple questions ahead of Carfest South so that you could get acquainted with the company, and the beautiful fleet they have to offer.

How did the company come about and grow? 

The business is run by husband and wife Mojo and Kizzy Fell.  They saw a gap in the glamping market for luxury Airstreams and started importing them from the US to the UK. The Airstreams soon became very popular, selling out every year at Glastonbury and for the past two years at Port Eliot and WOMAD. All our Airstreams are imported from the US and lovingly restored and refitted in our warehouse in Herefordshire, using local professional craftsman. 

Any other information you’d like to share about Airstream Facilities?

We are Europe's largest Airstream hire company with a fleet of over 37 accommodation Airstreams, an Airstream Production Office and Airstream Box Office/Bar. We supply to the film/TV industries, festivals, events and privately. We have a selection of 2-5 berth accommodation Airstreams with either modern or original style interiors. Our most popular Airstreams are our CCDs, designed by esteemed architect and interior designer Christopher Charles Deam (CCD). San Francisco based designer, Christopher designed a line of trailers for Airstream, these include the CCD international, International Signature Series, and Airstream Sterling.

These beautiful trailers are bound to make any stay with us at Hotel Bell Tent a momentous occasion to remember. For more information, check out the link to the accommodation page of our website (click here), or check out Airstream Facilities website (click here).



FloVibe Festival 2018

FloVibe Festival 2018

We are super excited to be hosting the glamping, for the 2nd year running, at this year’s FloVibe Festival, from August 10th- 12th at the beautiful location of Stansted Park in Hampshire.

flovibe 7.png

FloVibe, one of the first fitness and music festivals, opens up a whole new way to enjoy the festival vibe with a vast array of activities enabling you to activate your body and relax your mind.  Pick from yoga, dance, hula hooping, meditation and mindfulness, talks and workshops, as well as an outdoor spa!

Where retreat meets festival, it really is a unique and wonderful experience to be had in a gorgeous setting with like-minded people all around.

Not only do you have the festival to look forward to, but also, should you choose, Hotel Bell Tent.  Hassle free boutique camping allowing you to just drop off your bags and head straight out into the action. What an amazing way to spend a weekend in August in the beautiful UK sunshine. 

Enter our competition to win a 2 free FloVibe festival tickets, a Luxury Bell Tent for 2 AND a REN skincare hamper containing chemical free goodies allowing you to be kinder to your skin and the environment. 

With only 2 days left before the winner is announced please head to our Facebook page, and like, share and comment with the friend whom you would love to share this experience with 

Good luck – we hope to see you there!

What's new for El Dorado, 2018- an interview with the founders.

What's new for El Dorado, 2018- an interview with the founders.

El Dorado is a magical little festival located at Eastnor Castle Deer park in Herefordshire.  Now in its third year, we are looking forward to seeing how it’s evolved, creating a fabulous camp, and sitting back to enjoy the wonder & sparkle! 

To get more of an insight prior to the event we interviewed the founders Jack Burbage and Luke Wolfman, who have given us a glimpse at all things EL Dorado and what we can expect for 2018.

What’s new in store for El Dorado in 2018?

We have been working all year around to improve the site and bring our family something special for 2018. This year we've added 3 immersive stages including a woodland arena, more delicious food, exciting performers and a better drinks selection.  And, of course there will be few little surprises along the way!

El Dorado is in its third year now - how has it progressed over the years?

Naturally as word gets out the festivals popularity is growing, and we are finding that people are travelling from much further afield this year including places such as France and Australia.  For 2018 with the addition of Sister Sledge and the inclusion of local musicians, breweries, colleges and more we are hoping to attract more locals and produce a festival they can be proud of.

Where do you see it going in the future?

We would like to grow El Dorado slowly to maintain its boutique feel and make sure we don't lose our magic.  We have a lot of great ideas that we can’t wait to execute over the coming years!

You’ve stayed in Hotel Bell Tent before - how did you find your stay previously?

Hotel bell tent never fail to impress!  They have been our boutique provider for the last two years and always go above and beyond to make sure we have the best accommodation for our guests and team. 


Exciting stuff!  Here’s to an exciting El Dorado 2018 Festival.  Long may it last

Out with plastics, and in with alternatives!

Out with plastics, and in with alternatives!

With growing awareness regarding environmental issues, it's hard to ignore the amount of waste which is produced at festivals each year. There are an ever-growing number of products out there that allow us all to be more environmentally friendly wherever we are but especially at Festivals.

See below 6 of the best new ideas for going plastic free whilst still having fun AND looking after all the wonderful spaces we will inhabit over the course of this summer. 

Eco Glitter Fun biodegradable glitter

Biodegradable glitter - most glitter is made from plastic, and ends up in the ground, and eventually lands in our water supply and the oceans - essentially, it’s a beautiful form of microplastic. However, there are many biodegradable glitter brands popping up, such as Eco Glitter Fun, who have an array of colours, blends and bases at an affordable price so you can sparkle all summer long without the impact on the oceans!

Makeup remover cloth - these are great, and all you have to do is add water!  They are super soft and gentle for the whole face.  Simply chuck in the washing machine after a long weekend camping at your favourite festival! They can be found on Amazon

eau_good_ reusable water bottle activated charcoal

A reusable water bottle - carry a reusable water bottle - not only is it cheaper to fill up, but no environmental impact of throwing away endless plastic bottles. We all have to stay hydrated, especially at festivals. Try black + blum Eau Good- they have a piece of activated charcoal inside so it even purifies. Win!

Wooden sunglasses - cheap, plastic sunglasses break easily and end up in landfills and don’t decompose. Wooden sunglasses are an environmentally friendly alternative. FreshforPandas sunglasses are made from organic materials such as wood and bamboo, and come in a variety of shapes and colours.


Biodegradable cups - invest in some biodegradable cups. That way, even if you lose a couple, at least they’re going back to the earth! Try Cupful of Colour, made of entirely plant-based materials. 

Upcycled rain ware - keeping dry at UK festivals is an essential. Instead of purchasing a cheap £1 rain mac when it begins to pour, why not invest in an upcycled rain garment. Insane in the Rain makes their rain jackets out of 100% recycled plastic, and the patterns on the jackets are festival funky too.

We are going greener!

Life water bottle eco environment friendly

This summer and beyond, Hotel Bell Tent is making a pact to go greener.

Hotel Bell Tent understands the environmental impact of the throwaway culture which can be associated with festivals nowadays and wants to be a part of the solution, so we've teamed up with Life Water ( in order to provide all bottled water this year in Eco Bottles,  which are BPA free and 100% recyclable.  They are also lighter in weight, with 20% lesser packaging, therefore lessening the overall carbon footprint. 

The team at Life Water are dedicated to helping communities across the world have access to clean water.  For every bottle that is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds goes to their partner charity drop4drop, which has projects in South Sudan, India, the Philippines and East Africa. As it says on the Life-water website, “Water hydrates you, and communities in need”.

Not only are we switching over to BPA free bottles, but at all events where we have food and drinks available at our camps, we will be providing all compostable take away gear, including cutlery.  Just another way that we are trying to make an impact.

If you are staying at Hotel Bell Tent this summer, please join our crusade by making sure that you dispose of all recyclable plastic at the designated recycling points either within Hotel Bell Tent or the festival site.  

Keep an eye out for future blog posts about how you can go greener at festivals in summer 2018!