How big is a 4 Metre Bell Tent?

A 4 Metre Bell Tent is 4 metres in diameter, 2.5 metres high in the middle with a 1.5 metre tall entrance.

 How big is a 5 Metre Bell Tent?

 A 5 Metre Bell Tent is 5 metres in diameter, 3 metres high in the middle with a 1.6 metre tall entrance.

How big is an Emperor Tent?

An Emperor Tent is 6 metres in length, 4 metres wide and 3 metres high in the middle.

What do I get in my Hotel Bell Tent package?

Please take a look at our ‘rooms’ menu for detailed information about what is provided with each package.

What about toilets and showers?

There is access to toilets and showers at every event, though the type of facilities and their management varies from event to event. More detailed information about the toilets and showers can be found on each event page.

What essential items should I bring?

We highly recommend you bring a torch, lots of layers for when the sun goes down, plenty of warm bedding (if you’re bringing your own) and cosy pyjamas. Bringing an extra blanket is always a good idea just in case the night times are a little cooler.

Can my friends come and visit me at Hotel Bell Tent?

Unfortunately not. Hotel Bell Tent is an exclusive area, and we have to respect that guests have paid to stay at Hotel Bell Tent and that their payment entitles them to our communal areas and high end services. Only wristbanded guests are permitted.

Do I need to pay to bring my baby or child?

Babies up to the age of two years are considered to be babes in arms and will not incur a cost. At most events a reduced price child’s package for those aged up to six is available. Older children are classed as normal ticket holder.

Is the area secure?

The provision of security personnel varies from event to event, and more information can be found on each event page. We recommend using lock-up facilities on site when they are available. Hotel Bell Tent can not be liable for lost or stolen items, and we advise against bringing valuable items unnecessarily.

Is there anywhere to lock away items?

Hotel Bell Tent do not provide lockers. However many of the events provide lock-up facilities, and we advise using these where available.

Does my accommodation come with electrical power?

At certain events power will be supplied to every unit to allow charging of phones and cameras. Please check the event page for more details.

Where can I charge my phone or camera?

At certain events there will power supplied to every tent suitable for charging phones and cameras. In other cases, there are likely to be charging facilities in the communal areas. Please check the event page more details.

Please note that we strongly advise you to stay with your phone or camera at all times when charging it in the communal lounge.

Where can I do my hair?

At most events a pamper area is provided with mirrors and hairdryers. More information can be found on each event page.

Does my accommodation have lighting inside?

Each accommodation unit has at least one source of light. Bell tent packages are supplied with an LED hanging lantern. We suggest that you pack a torch for moving around the event at night. 

Will my tent have a heater in it?

Our bell tents do not come with heating. We recommend bringing cosy pyjamas and perhaps an extra blanket if you are worried about being cold.

Is my tent soundproof?

Our bell tents are made of 285gsm (or heavier) cotton canvas so sound from inside the tents will be muffled, but by no means completely covered. Please be mindful of this when staying at Hotel Bell Tent. Earplugs are supplied in each tent and can usually be found on reception.

Is my tent waterproof?

 Yes. All of our bell tents have thick and durable ground sheets that are sewn into the side of the tent.

Is there 24-hour assistance at Hotel Bell Tent?

At most events we have a dedicated team of maintenance crew and receptionists who are on hand to deal with any issues and questions. There is also a 24-hour point of contact so guests can rest easy that someone is close by.

At some events that are not directly managed by Hotel Bell Tent, your first point of contact may a member of the event team.

What time is the Hotel Bell Tent reception open from and until?

Opening times vary from event to event. Please check the event page for more details. 

What do I need to bring to check in to Hotel Bell Tent?

Please make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation or invoice, your event tickets or wristband and a copy of photo ID.

Will food and drink be available within Hotel Bell Tent?

This varies from even to event. Please check the event page for more details.

What time is check in and check out?

Please check the description of the event for check-in and check-out times.

Do I need to buy a ticket to the festival or event on top of my Hotel Bell Tent booking? 

 Yes, unless the event website website states differently. At most festivals your Hotel Bell Tent booking is separate to the purchase of your festival ticket.

Please be sure to check the festival website to ensure you have bought the correct festival ticket. Some festivals require you to purchase a special ticket or additional pass to allow you entry into the boutique camping area where Hotel Bell Tent is often situated.

Please contact us at info@hotelbelltent.co.uk or on +44 7525 050 744 if you want to check which ticket you need.

What confirmation of my booking will I receive?

Once your booking has been processed you will receive a confirmation booking invoice by email. Your confirmation will need to be printed out and brought when checking in to your chosen event.

How can I make a booking?

The easiest way to make a booking is through the relevant event page on our website. After filling in the booking form you will be directed to the Worldpay payment gateway. 

In certain circumstances guests may need to book over the phone or pay by cheque or bank transfer. If you would like to book or pay using these methods, please contact us by calling us on 07525 050 744 or emailing info@hotelbelltent.co.uk

I have received my pending invoice. What do I do now?

If you have received a pending invoice, this means your booking has not yet been paid for.  Follow the payment instructions (above) to pay for your booking. Once this has been processed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation and then a confirmation by email. Please check that this hasn’t gone to your junk folder. Your confirmation will need to be printed out and brought when checking in to your chosen event.

Why haven’t I received an email I was expecting from Hotel Bell Tent?

Occasionally emails will bounce or be sent into a spam folder. If you haven’t received an email you are expecting from us, please check your spam folder. If you can not locate it, please contact us.

Can I reserve a bell tent?

This varies from event to event. Please call us on +44 7525 050 744 or email info@hotelbelltent.co.uk to see if this option is available. Please note that no booking is confirmed until full payment is received.

What is your cancellation/ refund policy?

Please see here.

Can we stay next to our friends?

 We always try to accommodate this kind of request. Please let us know either in the notes section of your booking form or in email to info@hotelbelltent.co.uk and we will do our best to allocate you next door to each other.

 Can we bring glass within the Hotel Bell Tent area?

Please check and comply with the regulations of the specific event. We also ask that guests use recycling facilities wherever they are available.

Can we bring alcohol within the Hotel Bell Tent area?

 Yes, however please ensure you are complying with the regulations of the specific event.

 Can we bring food within the Hotel Bell Tent area?

 Yes, however please ensure you are complying with the regulations of the specific event.

Can I bring my own fridge?

No. Where power is available in accommodation units, this is for the charging of phones and cameras only. Any fridge brought by a guest has not been safety tested by Hotel Bell Tent, and risks overloading the system. 

Can I use a barbeque or camping stove?

 Please see the event page for specific regulations about the use of barbeques and camping stoves as this varies from site to site. Guests are permitted to use campfires or fire pits. Remember that it is extremely dangerous to use barbeques or stoves inside a tent or without proper ventilation.

What is Hotel Bell Tent’s registered address?

10 Kyrle Road, London, SW11 6AZ