Life water bottle eco environment friendly

This summer and beyond, Hotel Bell Tent is making a pact to go greener.

Hotel Bell Tent understands the environmental impact of the throwaway culture which can be associated with festivals nowadays and wants to be a part of the solution, so we've teamed up with Life Water ( in order to provide all bottled water this year in Eco Bottles,  which are BPA free and 100% recyclable.  They are also lighter in weight, with 20% lesser packaging, therefore lessening the overall carbon footprint. 

The team at Life Water are dedicated to helping communities across the world have access to clean water.  For every bottle that is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds goes to their partner charity drop4drop, which has projects in South Sudan, India, the Philippines and East Africa. As it says on the Life-water website, “Water hydrates you, and communities in need”.

Not only are we switching over to BPA free bottles, but at all events where we have food and drinks available at our camps, we will be providing all compostable take away gear, including cutlery.  Just another way that we are trying to make an impact.

If you are staying at Hotel Bell Tent this summer, please join our crusade by making sure that you dispose of all recyclable plastic at the designated recycling points either within Hotel Bell Tent or the festival site.  

Keep an eye out for future blog posts about how you can go greener at festivals in summer 2018!